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Fatima Group, a leading conglomerate with diverse interests in the fertilizer and petrochemical sectors, is currently seeking an experienced Sub Engineer in Electronics and Instrumentation (E & I). This position is critical for ensuring the optimal operation of control systems, field instrumentation, and industrial analyzers within the Group’s operations. Here’s a detailed overview of the role, the qualifications required, and how to apply.

Position: Sub Engineer E & I

Key Requirements:

  • Educational Background: A Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in Electronics, Electrical, or Control Systems Engineering. This foundational education is essential for understanding the technical aspects of the role.
  • Experience: A significant 15 years of experience in the fertilizer or petrochemical industry. This extensive experience is crucial for understanding the unique challenges and requirements of these sectors.
  • Specialized Knowledge: A preference for candidates with extensive experience in control valves, field instrumentation, vibration monitoring systems, and industrial analyzers. Expertise in these areas is key to ensuring the efficient and safe operation of the Group’s facilities.

Job Responsibilities:

The Sub Engineer E & I will be responsible for a range of tasks aimed at maintaining and enhancing the efficiency and safety of Fatima Group’s operations. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Overseeing the maintenance and troubleshooting of electronic systems, control valves, field instrumentation, and industrial analyzers to ensure operational efficiency.
  • System Upgrades: Participating in the upgrading of control systems and instrumentation to improve process efficiency and safety.
  • Compliance and Safety: Ensuring that all activities comply with industry safety standards and regulatory requirements, thereby maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Technical Support: Providing technical support and guidance to the maintenance team, ensuring that all team members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Why Join Fatima Group?

  • Career Development: Fatima Group offers significant opportunities for professional growth within one of Pakistan’s leading conglomerates.
  • Innovative Environment: Work in an environment that values innovation and continuous improvement, offering the chance to engage with cutting-edge technologies in the industry.
  • Impactful Work: Play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency and safety of operations that have a direct impact on the Group’s success.

How to Apply:

Candidates interested in the Sub Engineer E & I position at Fatima Group are encouraged to review the job description carefully and apply if they meet the qualifications. While the original job posting does not specify the application process, candidates are typically advised to visit the Fatima Group’s careers page or send their applications directly to the specified recruitment email address, mentioning the job title in the subject line.


The Sub Engineer E & I role at Fatima Group represents a fantastic opportunity for experienced professionals in the field of electronics and instrumentation engineering. With a focus on maintaining and enhancing critical systems within the fertilizer and petrochemical sectors, this position offers the chance to contribute significantly to the Group’s operational excellence and safety standards. If you have the required experience and technical expertise, Fatima Group welcomes your application.

Note to Applicants: When applying, make sure to highlight your specific experience in control systems, field instrumentation, vibration monitoring systems, and industrial analyzers, as well as any relevant projects or achievements in the fertilizer or petrochemical industry. Tailoring your resume to reflect your suitability for this role will enhance your chances of success.

How to apply for a job

  • Read the job details in our Above image carefully for Apply Job.
  • Apply only if your credentials match the job requirements.
  • Candidates matching the job requirements will be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for Test / Interview.
  • Irrelevant/Incomplete applications will not be entertained.
  • Apply before the last date.
  • Applications received after last date will not be considered.

How to Apply:  link in the image

*Only relevant candidates will be contacted by the Recruitment team.

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