TAGS Marketing, a dynamic firm specializing in digital marketing solutions, is on the lookout for a talented Sales Executive to join their team in Gulberg, Lahore. This position is ideal for individuals with a passion for digital marketing and a proven track record in sales, especially those experienced in hiring sales teams, website teams, SEO specialists, and IT-related roles. Here’s a detailed look at the position, what it entails, the qualifications required, and how to apply.

Position: Sales Executive

Job Location: Gulberg, Lahore

Job Timing: 7pm to 4am

This role offers a unique opportunity to work in a vibrant digital marketing environment, contributing to the growth and success of TAGS Marketing by leveraging your sales expertise.


  • Experience: Candidates should have at least 1 year of experience related to Digital Marketing sales, including experience in hiring sales teams, website teams, SEO specialists, and IT-related hiring. This experience is crucial for understanding the digital marketing landscape and the specific needs of clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Sales Strategy Execution: Implement sales strategies that effectively communicate the value of TAGS Marketing’s digital marketing solutions to potential clients.
  • Team Building: Play a key role in building and managing a team of professionals, including sales personnel, website developers, SEO specialists, and IT staff, to deliver comprehensive digital marketing services.
  • Client Relations: Establish and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their digital marketing needs and offering solutions that meet those needs.
  • Market Analysis: Stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and website development, to offer relevant and innovative solutions to clients.
  • Performance Targets: Meet and exceed sales targets, contributing to the overall success and growth of TAGS Marketing.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to email their CVs to When applying, be sure to highlight your experience in digital marketing sales and any relevant achievements that demonstrate your capability to excel in this role.

Why Join TAGS Marketing?

  • Innovative Environment: Work in an innovative and dynamic environment that is at the forefront of digital marketing trends.
  • Career Growth: TAGS Marketing offers significant opportunities for career advancement, particularly for those passionate about digital marketing and sales.
  • Impactful Role: Play a crucial role in driving the growth of TAGS Marketing by bringing in new clients and managing a talented team of digital marketing professionals.


The Sales Executive position at TAGS Marketing is an excellent opportunity for sales professionals with a background in digital marketing. If you are eager to apply your sales expertise in a role that offers the chance to work with a team of digital marketing experts and contribute to the success of a dynamic company, TAGS Marketing welcomes your application.

Note to Applicants: When submitting your CV, be sure to include specific examples of your sales achievements, especially those related to digital marketing. Tailoring your application to showcase your strengths in sales strategy, team building, and client relationship management will enhance your chances of success.

How to apply for a job

  • Read the job details in our Above image carefully for Apply Job.
  • Apply only if your credentials match the job requirements.
  • Candidates matching the job requirements will be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for Test / Interview.
  • Irrelevant/Incomplete applications will not be entertained.
  • Apply before the last date.
  • Applications received after last date will not be considered.

How to Apply:  link in the image

*Only relevant candidates will be contacted by the Recruitment team.

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